Membership Dues




Neurologist (Voting Member)                                   ($100 first year,  $50/yr thereafter)

Physicians who have completed an accredited neurology training program and currently practice or reside in Hawaii


Emeritus Member (Non-Voting Member)                 (no charge)

Physicians who have completed an accredited neurology training program and reside in Hawaii but have retired from full-time clinical practice


Physician Affiliate (Non-Voting Member)                 ($50/yr)

Physicians in other medical specialties practicing in clinical or non-clinical fields related to neurology who practice or reside in Hawaii


Trainee (Non-Voting Member)                                    (no charge)

Medical students interested in pursuing a career in neurology and physicians in neurology residency or fellowship training programs who currently reside in Hawaii, completed training in Hawaii, or intend to practice in Hawaii after completion of training


Affiliate Care Provider (Non-Voting Member)          ($50/yr)

Licensed independent practitioners (e.g., physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or neuropsychologist) who practice or reside in Hawaii and spend the majority of their time engaged in clinical practice relating to neurology


Researcher (Non-Voting Member)                             ($50/yr)

Non-physicians who work or reside in Hawaii and are engaged in research relating to neurology



You can pay your membership dues online now.  Online dues payment is a two part process.

Step 1:  Click here to go to enter your demographics.  When done click on the “submit” button.

Step 2:  After clicking the submit button from step 1, click one of the links below to pay the new members dues or the renewal dues.  This is a secure on-line payment method.

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